Holiday House

400m Beach

1,5 km Swimming bath

400m Golf Club

2 km Hals village

30 km Aalborg City

Exclusive holiday house

400 m to the beach

The village of Hals

The village of Hals

The holiday house is placed only 1 kilometres from the village of Hals.

Hals is a very charming village, which got its municipal charter in 1656. It is a village with small, cosy by-streets, a harbour and a wide selection of specialized shops and eating places. It is possible to cycle on the cycle path or take a walk on the beach path to the village.

Hals harbour
The village of Hals has a marina, which welcomes guest sailers. The harbour emerged around fishing and has kept its original charm.
The harbour is encircled by a row of shops and restaurants.
Hals is connected to Egense by a small, cosy ferry, which crosses the Limfjord once every hour.

Hals market is open every Wednesday during the season.
Lagunen market with live music is open every Saturday during the season.
Hou market is open every Monday during the season.

BOOKING and price information:

Booking: Carsten Olsen
Mobil: +45 21 21 22 04

Technician: Thomas Andersen
Mobil: +45 27 74 44 10